Digital Over Traditional Marketing

Digital over traditional marketing a customer shift.

Much small business or startup entrepreneurs struggled with the question that to enhance their business performance, which marketing strategies should be adopted Digital or Traditional Marketing? Let me tell you that, such questions arise when you are a productive businessman or entrepreneur, use every possible strategy to boost your business. Traditional Marketing has its own benefits whereas digital marketing is very competitive and result oriented. Through traditional marketing, it’s difficult to target and analyze a particular customer group whereas it is very simple in digital marketing.

Digital marketing has its own merits& flaws while the Traditional marketing has its own. So
let us see one by one.

Traditional marketing:
It includes Print Media like newspaper & magazine ads, newsletters, brochures & other
printed materials, Broadcast Media like TV and Radio ads, Direct Mail like including fliers,
postcards, and catalogs, Telemarketing.

Digital over Traditional marketing

1. In the traditional method, you can easily reach your target local audience. For example, a radio ad might play in one location whether a city or a region or mailbox flyers will go to households in a number of selected suburbs.
2. The material can be kept not only along with you in the form of hard copies but also the audience can, and which they can read or browse through over and over again. This can be easily understood by most of the people because they are already exposed to such strategies. Thus this strategy has more personal approach since marketers can have a person to person relationship in informing the public about their product or brand.
Though these merits are there, one must know about its demerits or flaws.

So, let’s see what the downside of the Traditional marketing is, asunder,

a) Print and Radio, TV advertising can be very costly. Printing materials can be expensive and need people to distribute these.

b) There is very little interaction between the medium & the customer, more concern to providing information.

c) The result of this marketing strategy cannot be easily measured. Here the marketer is under doubt whether his/her strategy is working or not.

Now let’s talk about the Digital Marketing:
As I have given you the basic information about the Digital Marketing in the previous blog, here after knowing & understanding the merits & flaws of the Traditional method, now let’s see merit and flaws of Digital methods.

Merits of Digital marketing.
1. Digital marketing can allow you to reach Domestic as well as an international targeted audience; also you can tailor a campaign to promote your brand which will help get more leads.

2. Your audience can have the more options to choose how they want to receive your content. It means that someone likes to read the blog you have posted while some other people like to watch the video about your product or services to know better.

3. Digital Marketing platform allows you to get interact with your targeted audience through Social Media. you can encourage them to visit your website, read your blogs, about products & services, like them, rate them, provide feedback which is not only visible to you but also to your visitor audience.

4. Simple to measure virtually your Digital marketing strategies are working or not with the help of some Analytics tools. That will help you analyze what kind of strategic changes you have to adopt or in simple words it will help you take better decisions quickly for better business development.

5. This gives Real-Time Results. You no longer need to wait weeks for a boost to your business. You can see the number of visitors to your site, increase in the subscriber’s numbers, peak trading times, conversion rate, and much more.

6. You can analyze and understand what exactly your audience is looking for or what their expectations are. These help you in a refinement of your strategies at any point and see any improvement and opportunities for further refinement almost instantaneously.

7. A well-maintained website, utilizing the social media channels and personalized email marketing with quality content targeting the need & adding value to your target audience can provide significant value and lead  generation opportunities i. e. Branding.

8. Digital marketing is cheaper than traditional marketing.

These are some of the merits of digital marketing,

Now take a look at its demerits.
a) The Digital campaigns can be copied easily with the other competitor, and many have done with utter disregard for the legal actions may bring. Trademarks or logos can be used to defraud customers and take away a sizeable market share from you.

b) This method will not be taken seriously if not done professionally. Business owners & digital marketer should focus on bringing their marketing strategies & campaigns to professional levels; otherwise, they will not be taken by their targeted audience or customers.

c) This method may not be appropriate for your product, customers who are non-internet users.

d) This method involves too much competition, so with the proper planning, strategies, digital marketers need to work & brainstorm to survive in the field hence professionals are to be hired.

e) Internet marketing reputation can be damaged by negative feedbacks. Since a negative comment or a tweet about your product or brand can ruin your brand’s reputation on the internet. Hence the owner and the digital marketers need to work & must have the risk management strategy to tackle negative press as soon as it is circulated.

f) It is highly dependent on technology which can be prone to errors. In any case, technology can break down and produce enormous results that severely affect your Digital Marketing campaigns.

Now, after knowing these difference between traditional and digital marketing, one or the owner or digital marketer should use both these strategies according to the financial condition, customers interest, competitors strategies, and study, then an only the business can reach to the maximum audience & boost your business & emerge as a stronger brand. I hope, this blog will also be helpful for you to understand the difference between the two strategies. If you have any doubt or want to suggest something, then feel free to do so. Your comments, suggestions, questions will be appreciated.

(The Blog is written by Siddharth T. Fulmali, Process Executive, NEUTECH SERVICES,
Ballarpur, Maharashtra State, India, on 15-09-2017)

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